While designing, methods such as previous studies and examining similar designs are generally used. However, not every new design is exactly the same as a previous design or a similar design. Each design is a separate example in its own right and needs to be analyzed in line with its objectives in its own circumstances. Problems during the commissioning phase of the project are mostly caused by insufficient verification activities during the design phase. Risks detected by analysis methods can be prevented at the design stage and can be eliminated at a lower cost before errors occur. Mold / production equipment modification to be made in the post-design phase, supply of new materials, even the collection of the product from the market, can cause an increase in costs, prolongation of project times and loss of reputation before the customer. The way to minimize unwanted results is to analyze at the design stage.

AS A XXX COMPANY, we carry out the Analysis Service with the support of our solution partners who are specialized in academic support and analysis and provide professional services, apart from the expert technical staff. Finite element analysis programs are mostly used to solve the problems needed in advanced engineering applications. In addition, different analysis programs or analysis methods can be used in line with the needs of the customer.

Some of the analysis services we provide are listed below.

  • Tube strength and stress analysis services
  • Thermal Expansion Analysis