As XXX COMPANY, we are able to transform your product idea into concrete products by preparing 3D models using CAD software according to scientific, technological, ergonomic and cost principles. In addition, we can prepare product animation, assembly and de-assembly animations, kinematic analysis and manufacturing drawings.

As SEGUN ENGINEERING, we can offer our Design Services under 5 main headings;

  • 3D Modeling,
  • Preparation of Manufacturing and Assembly Pictures,
  • Preparation of Animation and Motion Videos,
  • Visualization (Render) Operations,
  • Catalog Preparation.

The types of machinery and equipment that we can design and manufacture are listed below as main items.

  • Semi and fully automatic machine design
  • Automated, hydraulic and pneumatic machine design
  • Assembly machine design
  • Mounting apparatus
  • Special fixture design
  • Special production machine design
  • Filling machine design
  • Cooling and heating cylinders design
  • Serpentine design
  • Exchanger design
  • Product-specific designs
  • Postage design
  • Pipeline project and design services
  • Industrial Process Calculations
  • Machine, equipment and system design services
  • Steel construction detail engineering services
  • Heat exchanger, collector, pressure vessel, tank and equipment design services
  • 3D modeling and animations of facilities and systems in computer environment

We take an active role in the production part of all our designs written under the main headings above.